Choosing Door Handles For Your Homes

When designing or renovating a house, it is important to pay special attention to the doors and door handles. This is because of the multi-purpose nature of doors. They offer security, enhance the regulation of temperature in buildings and complement the interior design and decor among other things. But what should you consider when choosing door handles for different houses or rooms? 

The door style and finish

There are different door Styles including veneered, painted, boarded and panelled.  Finishes on the other hand range from unique signature colours to subtle ones, traditional to contemporary and wooden finishes.  The aim is to choose door handles that not only look great but also complement the overall finish and style of the doors and the house. 

The shape of the handle

Door handles come in a variety of shapes including oval, contemporary, classic, angular and round. The shape of the handle will affect the aesthetic value and also affect the functionality of the door. In addition, the shape can either complement or contrast the design and style of the door. It takes skills, experience and care to balance the two such that nothing looks out of place.

Functionality versus decorative

Besides the overall aesthetic value, you must consider practical aspects such as the functionality and decorative functions of the door. Here, you must ask yourself several questions: are the doors heavy or lightweight? How often will the doors be used? Who is more likely to use the doors- adults, children or both? Are the doors appropriate for people living with disabilities or the elderly? While not all of these may apply, it is plausible to think through everything in order to ensure that nothing is overlooked.


We live in a very dynamic world and therefore it is not a wonder that what may be trending today may easily be old fashioned in a couple of years. If you are the kind of person that likes moving with the trends, then you must carry out your research before you jump into the trend. With such a move, you may need to renovate and redesign doors every few years to incorporate the new trends.

The environment

One important aspect to consider when choosing door handles is the environmental conditions in the area. This is especially important in areas that experience extreme weather in different seasons. Environmental conditions are especially important when selecting exterior door handles and the aim is to ensure that they not only withstand the harsh climatic conditions but they also retain their aesthetic value. 

Different handles for different rooms

Given the differences in functionality, frequency of use and nature of users, it is evident that you may require different types of handles for different rooms. For example, rooms used by children, the elderly and people with disabilities may require handles with a good grip.  The handles in bedrooms could be different from those in the common areas and could take into consideration the tastes and preferences of the intended users.

Durability, the level of care and maintenance required, installation costs, your overall budget and other door accessories are some of the other considerations that you must keep in mind when choosing your door handles.