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Transformers & Coils Photo

Transformers & Coils Photo

Transformers & Coils Photo

  • 3270 Line Interface Isolation Transformers
  • T1 Carrier Interface Transformers
  • DATA BUS Interface Modules
  • 10 Base T & Ethernet Surface Mount Transformers
  • 10 Base T Analog Interface Sets
  • Signal Line Filters
  • Ballast Transformers
  • 10 Base T Dual Isolation & Filter Modules
  • Standard Low Power Inductors
  • Switching Mode Power Supply Transformers
  • Active Delay Lines
  • Passive Delay Lines
Transformers & Coils

From simple coil winding to critical transformer designing and manufacturing, from audio transformers to RF transformers, from standard product lines to custom designs, we offer powerful flexibility for supplying customers’ needs in many different applications. Every one of our products begins with our dedication to meet the customers’ requirements—this is always top priority.

We have the experience and capability to offer the following series’ products:

  • RF Transformers
  • Pulse Transformers
  • Audio Transformers
  • SMPS Transformers
  • Converter Transformers
  • Toroidal Transformers & Inductors
  • Current Sense Transformers & Inductors
  • Special Precision Coil Windings
  • SCR Control Transformers
  • Common Mode EMI Suppression Inductors
  • Surface Mount Multiple Inductors
  • Telephone Interconnect Transformers
  • Ethernet Isolation Transformers
  • Token Ring Isolation Transformers
  • ISDN Interface Transformers & Chokes
  • ISDN So Interface Transformers & Modules
  • ISDN Upo Interface Transformers & Modules
  • ISDN Uko Interface Transformers & Modules
  • ISDN S2M Interface Transformers

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